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  • Angela

    June 7, 2022 at 2:44 pm

    Hi Michelle,

    Not sure my response will help you that much, because my niche is more artistic type content in general, than marketing…. but with possibly the exception of the email you mentioned, I have had tremendous luck building many different functions like you mentioned on an online forum software called forumotion. For instance, currently my website has an exterior forum called the same as my site (except I have chosen not to add another TLD there, so I am using their sub instead).

    I have built, run, or built for others, at least 25 of these sites on this platform over the years, and it is far the best if you want to code and make script additions. I can create tons of private groups, or barriers to pages etc, both with the forums already built in features, or add html or script codes to the directories to make it function the way I want (that part if you are a paid client like I am)…. Anyway, just thought I would mention that, in case you might actually be looking for a platform that is functional the way you mentioned….. I have tried others, even at my current website/store, but I hated them all, and felt they were quite limited, and more expensive to make function past the trial stages, also, personally I did want something that was not hosted directly from my website for numberous reasons, mostly security or safety reasons, and if one crashes (like WP sometimes does) I won’t lose the groups function because it is not hosted from the same place.

    BTW, do share your group when you get it set…