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  • Jennifer

    January 13, 2022 at 4:25 pm

    As someone who has a grad degree as a librarian and still runs a consulting biz in that field and a nonprofit there too .. I love books and reading and support those who encourage! Go book nerds! 📚📚

    But I also have to be honest that with the many over-degreed, over-worked, and very very underpaid and underfunded folks in the book, literacy, library world – this could be a hard niche for money-making – esp if you’re just sharing books you love, encouraging group reads, etc. And with book talks, book clubs etc being promoted by libraries and the expectation of ‘free’ that comes with that – could be tough competition.

    What WILL lit-loving folks pay for? What do they want and can’t get from free library groups, or GoodReads, or StoryGraph? What specifically would you love teaching on? Are there are affiliate product opportunities? Will they buy printable book journals, book marks?
    If it’s geared to mamas – is it about them finding time to read? their reading, reading choices? or also them reading to kids and early childhood literacy?

    Not gonna say it’s a flop topic – just could be tough. So look around at what readers are already paying for.