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  • Pam

    January 11, 2022 at 4:14 pm

    I love your idea Kristin! And, starting with something you love is always a good place to begin. Rather than getting too caught up with the how-tos right now, since you’re starting from scratch anyway I would start with taking the first action step you can.

    One step I would recommend is looking at the book and reading sites you like hanging out at. Ask yourself what attracted you to them and keeps you coming back, what do they offer, what’s their revenue model and what unique twist could you add? I’m sure affiliate marketing is going to factor big as a revenue source, but you may be surprised at how many other ways there may be to make money here.

    If you don’t know of any reading/book sites, then your first step is a little research to find some. They definitely exist. Sites like Good Reads and Medium are both all about reading good stuff, although only one is for books.

    My real point is, don’t let not knowing all the answers be your tripping point. Just take your next best step . . . and then your next.