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  • Tishia

    October 5, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    Oh boy can I relate to the anonymous person that submitted this secret frustration!

    Dealing with trickster isn’t easy for me. Well, that’s not entirely true… there are times I can deal with her easier than others. Sometimes all it takes is a little flick to get her off my shoulder, and other times it takes some good ole butt kicking from Kelly ;-)

    But the one thing that has made a huge difference in my life is simply just being aware/conscious of when trickster has come out to play. And then, as a part of Kelly’s community and group coaching, I can talk about it with everyone and move through tricksters muck (if I CHOOSE to… there have been times I haven’t pushed past it & let trickster stop me from things).

    The other thing that has been key for me is, like Kelly said in her video reply to you, to surround myself with others living in their essence. Essence definitely calls forth essence and it’s easier for me to operate in essence when I’m surrounded by similar people.

    As for giving up – I hope you don’t. It’s hard, without knowing more of your situation, to offer any suggestions/resources to help you. If it’s mindset or business coaching you need help with, I’d definitely recommend working with Kelly…somehow, someway!