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  • Jennifer

    October 5, 2021 at 11:49 am

    I have done videos and tutorials on AC and my preferred way to set up and use – in a relatively easy manner. But most are inside my Hell Yeah You CAN Start Your Email list course (and you are ahead of a good deal that’s in there). I’ve done some deeper dives into AC in webinars and even inside my FB group.

    I do like the tutorials that AC itself offers – they have mini classes, not just the help file stuff. like AC University and they sometimes offer webinars – free and paid.

    I too have followed Kay Peacy out of the UK – a certified AC specialist (ohhh squad goals) She’s at Slick Business. And her FB Group is GREAT – lots of folks newer to AC as well as some real ninjas in there. She gives tons of free training in the group.

    And of course I do private AC coaching and set up (gee another sales page I need to fix LOL). Or I could swap some services with a talented VA – hinthintwinkwink. 😉