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  • Jennifer

    July 3, 2021 at 1:40 pm

    A good and interesting question! I can say that my family – including spouse and parents have no real idea what I do. LOL. They understand the ‘consultant’ part of the business and the library-oriented work – but what I do for Mighty Marketing Mojo – not at all 😆

    And what’s interesting is that I come from family with entrepreneur history – but of a different kind. A more traditional kind.

    My brother started and owned restaurants – at one point, 3. They all “got” that, even when we didn’t understand all his biz plans or VC pitches.

    My grandfather owned a business – when I was young he had a biz hauling gas and then he owned service stations. The energy crisis of the 70s hit him hard. He did other small biz things later, such as being a handy man and general contractor.

    My grandmother incorporated her business in the 1950s – I’ve seen the incorporation filing in the KY Dept of State. She had a dance school.

    I have friends who own their own photography business, a florist, a yoga studio, a retail boutique, a make-up artist …

    All those things with physical, tangible output, or buildings, or places – my friends and family all “get” those kinds of entrepreneurs. But the online world is mystifying.

    If I had kids they’d probably be mystified too!

    What does that say about our biz or our ability to talk about what we do and how we serve people? 🤔