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  • Teresa

    June 9, 2021 at 2:27 pm

    I ONLY offer a bonus if I can offer something that is both valuable in its own right, and highly related to the product in question. And ESPECIALLY when it comes to a bundle, I don’t want to add to the overwhelm. So in those cases I try to offer something that makes the bundle easier to consume and/or implement. I HAVE offered one-on-one implementation calls, but when I do that it’s usually limited by time or quantity, to keep from getting more than I can handle.

    I’ve offered things like planners or spreadsheets that help people use what they’ve bought, or a complementary guide or course that provides information not already covered in whatever they’re buying.

    Some examples: Once when I was promoting a course about setting up a printables business on Etsy, I offered an Etsy Shop Planner as a bonus. Another time, I offered some content research & brainstorming worksheets and templates for a blogging course.

    I rarely offer a video as a bonus, just because I don’t create videos much. But a friend of mine often does implementation videos as bonuses. She does such a good job of matching the bonus to the offer, that once I decided that I wanted my people to have HER bonus. So I contacted her and worked out a deal where I referred people using a tagged version of her affiliate link, and split the commission with her.