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  • Jennifer

    June 7, 2021 at 3:15 pm

    Good basics on equipment already there Bo!

    Doing it live does have a few more hurdles than just Zoom.

    Lighting – what is the room or ambient lighting like? Can you use natural light coming from the side to help out? Can you get or borrow some LED lights and reflector or white umbrellas to bounce and even out the light so everyone looks good, no harsh shadows.

    Re: Mics – do you have one for each person and way to record and handle each audio track?

    Live interviews it’s best if each person has own lapel or lavalier mic – next best is to pass the mic if that’s all you’ve got. But it could result in not-good audio.
    You likely/might need a splitter or even external audio recording device so you can handle the two (or more) mics.

    I did a live, in-person panel interview at an event, that we then live-streamed + recorded – and we needed to rent a Focusrite Scarlett to take the multiple mics input to a computer. Some places rent them vs needing to own them

    If possible – either start/stop and record in segments to make it easier to find takes you want for editing – or decide it’s all gonna be good enough as-is. A trick from film days – pause 2 sec CLAP really loudly, pause 2 sec – between takes or between segments – it’s easy to see the sharp spike in the audio track during editing.

    I admit that editing with multiple people, extra audio sources, takes more time and skill than I usually want to put in – and I have a tv/film minor! 😜