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  • Teresa

    May 27, 2021 at 10:20 am

    Yes, I work from home and I do have a separate room, although that room does not have a door on it. Now that my husband has been teleworking for the past year, that lack of a door has been slightly more of an issue – but not a major one. I do have a screen that I can put up if I need to though.

    Early on in my online business, balance was a REAL problem for me. I was sitting at my computer ALL the time. John (my husband) had to get mad before I changed my habits. LOL

    Now I have times that are pretty much “untouchable” unless there is something major going on, and then only rarely. My evenings and Sunday are completely off limits. Sometimes, if I’m in the middle of something, I’ll get back on the computer at night after he goes to bed (I’m a night owl – he’s an early bird.) But I don’t do that as often as I used to either. I’ve found it to be not good for my health!