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  • Jennifer

    May 18, 2021 at 8:58 am

    Playing with fonts is fun!!

    Pull out the fonts that you like, that feel like they represent you and your brand. What do you like? What appeals about each one? This is a really personal decision!

    Though yes – some brands with a very female dominant target audience tend to pick softer looking fonts or easy to read scripts. And some other brands pick fonts that have harder edges or lines. What do other crafting-related brands look like? Do you want to be similar yet different or really really different?

    AND do choose fonts – ideally – that are easy to acquire or even a free Google font (makes for easier designing on websites and such)

    Do keep an eye on readability …

    For example you may have a script font you really like for certain emphasis in designs, a logo, a headline – but is it readable? And a script font may be just your ‘special’ or emphasis font. You need something else for smaller body copy or text.

    Some guides say choose a serif font and a complementary sans serif. Others say it’s cool to pick two San serif fonts – if they are different enough from each other but not jarring.

    Later, to help with consistency you can set up your brand font choices as style templates in Word, PowerPoint and related software, plus add them to a brand kit in the paid version of Canva.

    Have fun playing!