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  • Jennifer

    April 19, 2021 at 1:09 pm

    It depends on where your particular best-client audience is hanging out AND is most receptive to hearing you and engaging with you. You do NOT have to be on every social platform nor spending time equally on all of them – it’s a combo of best fit for your audience, and where you feel you can show up consistently and authentically. Where will your audience follow through on calls to action? Where are they more likely to follow a call to action to join your email list? (the one platform YOU own)

    For example, I know some orgs who love Snapchat and TikTok, and their audience may be there, but their audience distinctly doesn’t want to engage with brand messages there. So they have to figure out what content DOES work and if it is worth the time and investment to use those platforms.

    I primarily use Facebook, YouTube, ramping back up on LinkedIn; my Twitter account is more aimed at my other business. I’m just learning Pinterest for business – and Pinterest is more search engine and discovery, not a social platform way FB is.

    I like IG for personal use – I know my audience IS there — but since I know I won’t show up there consistently, or take the time to learn all ins/outs of IG for business – I have made decision not to use it.

    Think about what your goals are for social media and goals for each platform.