Name Your Own Price

I’m taking private one on one clients for the first three months of 2024 and they will be the LAST I serve around Content Marketing – forever.

Rather than design a certain offer with a set price, I want YOU to think about what you WANT.

This is indeed the last chance you have to tap into my body of Content Marketing experience,so what do you WANT it to look like (how many sessions would you like?) and what to you want to PAY?

For example, you might make one of these offers

  • Kelly, I want to have weekly 20 minute calls with you all through January, February & March and I want to pay $X.
  • Kelly, I want to have a 90 minute deep dive with you once a month for three months and I want to pay $X.
  • Kelly, I want to have ten 45 minute coaching calls during the first quarter and I want to pay $x.

See how you can design what you want? What’s perfect for you?

I will get your offer and decide if I’m going to say yes or if for any reason it doesn’t feel like a solid for for me – I may make you a counter offer of some kind. Neither one of us have to say yes and we’ll both only say yes if it feels RIGHT.

Complete this simple form and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Name Your Own Price
Note this amount will need to be paid before the end of 2023.
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