No More Procrastination, Thinking Small Or Giving In To The Comfort Zone

Reset How You Think
& Show Up In The World!

Are you where you hoped to be by now?

Financially, professionally, personally… didn’t you imagine being way farther ahead?

Are you in disturbingly familiar territory?

Despite your busy work, aren’t you still treading the same waters you’ve known for years?

Are you ready for something different?

Please say yes :)

Let Me Love On You For A Little While…

Be proud of who you are - white chalk text on a vintage slate blackboard

You are amazing.

In a world where people mostly trudge through life without questioning it, you have set yourself apart by pursuing a business dream.

Others go to work, do what they’re told – and probably will until they retire.

You may still have a job, but you also have a plan to make your escape – and yes, that makes you amazing.

Do you realize how blessed you are to have aspirations to grow and achieve?  Not all people do and that’s why it’s good to acknowledge what sets you apart AND spend time with others like you.

Ready to see yourself in a new light?

Say yes to this offer and we’ll make your currently cozy comfort zone the most uncomfortable place on earth!

Do You Know How Powerful 
An Online Business Can Be?

It’s life changing! I know because my own life is nearly unrecognizable when I compare it to the one I had way back in the early 2000s.

When I first started to earn a bit of extra money online, you’re going to laugh… my ‘big dream’ was to make ends meet.

I was the poster child for ‘Thinking Small’.  I worked full time but didn’t make enough money to keep my utilities paid on time, so they kept getting shut off.

Once I was consistently earning a couple hundred bucks every month, as I spent time in relationship with other entrepreneurial minded people, a new dream started to take shape for me. Working part time, I paid off debt and replaced my paycheck.  I quit my job, stepped out of my comfort zone and started to chase new dreams.

I never have to worry about paying the bills these days.  I get to travel and spend time with people I love and am challenged by.  My life has expanded beyond anything I first imagined – and I know this is all still just a taste of the good things to come!

It’s terrifying to think of how differently things could have went…

What if I hadn’t met the cool people who called out the best in me?  What if I kept thinking so stinking small?  I’d probably still be working full time for someone else, freelancing a bit on the side to keep the heat on – I wouldn’t have experienced any of the awesome people and places I’ve enjoyed so much.

The only thing better than having improved my own life – is having even a small part in improving others!

That’s why I’m doing this – to show up in your life, stir up the dreams you have and help you to put legs (plans) under them!

Part #1: Fine Tune Your Focus

I want you to bring it into crisp focus and be able to share it with others.  When our goals are fuzzy in any way, it’s easy to putter around aimlessly.

Procrastination gets hold and we bounce around like Ping Pong balls – maybe even ‘looking busy’ – but not making any real progress towards any measurable outcomes.

The clearer we can be about our plans, the better we’re positioned to resist time wasters and invest our creativity into profit focused activities.

Our Goal: No More Procrastination!

Part #2: Big Business Dreams Do Come True.

I can tell you dozens of true life success stories of people I’ve personally watched build businesses that set them free from debt and the day job. The secret to their success is in developing their Self Confidence AND spending time with others who share a big vision!

Many of us are surrounded by ‘Border Bullies’ that counsel us to follow the safe routes.  “Be careful, take it slow, don’t risk too much…”  It may be loving advice – but it’s not what you really need to hear!

Instead, we need to be surrounded by ‘Champions!’ who call out our very best!

Our Goal: No More Small Thinking!

Part #3: Comfort Zone Demolition

Your future success exists outside your Comfort Zone.  You can’t even plan for it well while sitting cozy in the same old places.  Momentum is created when you stand up and start moving.

What is your Comfort Zone made from?  It’s not just a space.  It’s made up of relationships, beliefs & ideas.  We’re going to dismantle the walls of your Comfort Zone and expand your world!

Our Goal: Occupying New Territory!


Momentum Intensive Replay


I’ll promise you three things.

  1.  This will not be scary or hard.
  2.  I won’t make you feel bad about yourself, not even a little bit.
  3.  You’re going to see yourself in a new light that WILL impress you – more than a little bit ;)

I can’t wait to start!


*One on One Coaching Call Bonus is only available to those who have never had a private call with me before.