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I’m Kimberly, creator, host, and producer of the Did You Bring the Hummus podcast. What began as a Toastmasters project has turned into a business (don’t you love having no idea where something might take you?!)

The Did You Bring the Hummus mission is to inspire people to go vegan through thoughtful and judgement-free conversation. Did You Bring the Hummus podcast has listeners across the United States, South Africa, Asia, and Europe. My guests are vegans who share their journeys to veganism in the hopes that listeners will hear themselves in the stories and know that they can go vegan too.

While the podcast hasn’t been too active this year, I have been regularly holding monthly healing circles, marrying my love for veganism with the healing modalities in which I am trained, these magical 1 hour group sessions bring us back to ourselves, allowing us to tune in, hear our higher selves, and move forward in a way which serves both us and the world around us. I am a coach, Usui and Angelic Reiki practitioner, crystal energy guide, and vegan chef-in-training.

I haven’t yet started my own YouTube channel but you can still find me there quite a bit under Virtual VegFest Live. I host a weekly live Vegan Lifestyle and Q&A show called Fireside Chat with Kimberly (returning on 9/12), you can also find me as one of the Co-Hosts of The Vegan Stew, a lively panel of 3-8 vegans chatting it up about various vegan topics.

You might be wondering how I tie veganism and spirituality/healing modalities together. It’s all about energy! For me, going vegan helped me find my souls’ alignment, my healing practices have served to deepen that, so, that’s what I help my clients do!

I live in New Jersey with my husband and our 3 cats, Gemma, Daisy, and Gus. I’m a life-long Mets fan (our engagement photos were taken at Citi Field!), an avid reader, and am always ready to talk veganism (of course, right?!)

I’m excited to connect!