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I’m Jennifer Burke and I am a proud geek – a marketing and tech geek. YOUR geek.
As a solopreneur – a biz coach, parenting coach, writer, service pro –  working in an online world, you know it can often be frustrating to connect the tech and pieces of an online business . I help my clients over those marketing tech obstacles that have kept them stuck and prevented them from bringing in more of the clients they love.

I loved seeing the joy in the eyes of a client who got their first email subscribers, and the relief leave the shoulders of an entrepreneur when they finally got their first online workshop available for purchase.

If you have stumbled on marketing technology – like email services, landing pages, setting up truly simple payment systems, getting your product OUT there, or managing social media – I’m here for you. I explore  the tools, so you don’t have to. I love coaching you to confidently promote your business.  My pals say I love digging in the techie and how-to bits that most biz owners hate.

I’m also a geek about all things sports (Go Phillies), grilling, and wine. Ask me about my wine app.

Check out and get a set of my fave business-boosting worksheets, checklists and planners.

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