Is there such a thing as audio and video PLR?

December 12

Is there such a thing as audio and video PLR?


PLR Content comes in a variety of formats. When it comes to purchasing audio or video PLR, always get a sample first. You want to make sure it’s high quality and will be usable in your marketing. If you don’t see a sample, contact the PLR seller directly and ask for one. Many PLR providers will be happy to do this for you.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about whether or not purchasing audio or video PLR is worth it because it won’t be in their voice. If you don’t feel comfortable releasing content to your market that is in someone else’s voice you could do voice over work and add your own voice. Or you could use the PLR content as a starting point and just record your own voice teaching the content you’ve purchased.

I create and market PLR through several projects I’m proud of:

Some of my favorite PLR Seller/Partners are:

Are you totally new to the idea of PLR?

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