Integrate & Use Active Campaign With Amember

I’ve had the opportunity to help several clients start using Active Campaign in conjunction with their Amember shopping cart/membership manager.

With permission, I’m sharing this video walk through from my most recent client set up.

The integration process here is so much smoother than I experienced with other email marketing tools.

Everyone who has successfully migrated from a list based email marketing tool to one that rocks a rich tagging system is loving the functionality and easy of use – and I’m one of them!

Outline of the process I followed in the video:

  1. Activate the ‘Active Campaign Full’ plugin in Amember
  2. Enter API Information
  3. Name of Product WILL BE Name Of Tag (SO Adjust titles if needed)
  4. Integrate Newsletters: Add Master Contact List to ANY PRODUCT
  5. Edit Products To Include List & Tag Info
  6. Export Amember Users (Include Active Subscriptions)
  7. Imported Amember Users
  8. Edit All, Add Customer Tag to all.

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