I Shaved My Head. (Again)

July 30

At this year’s Exposure & Profit 5 event I took a stand for giving – by shaving my head for Childhood Cancer Research.

Ten years ago, when my quadruplet nieces and nephews were just tiny babies, I was up late snuggling at least two of them, watching some television when a St. Baldrick’s Foundation commercial came on the screen.  Whoever created that commercial needs a hug because it had a dramatic impact on me.

It opened my eyes to something I’d never been aware of. Kids who survive cancer often face a future with lots of health issues related to the treatment that saved their lives.  One of the issues that broke my heart is that of infertility.  I can’t imagine what it’s like for parents to explain this to their kids later.

I looked down at the sweet babies in my arms and burst into tears at the very thought of either one of them battling cancer or facing a life of health consequences.

Science and medicine is always at work to improve things, at least as long as there is funding for it – and that’s where St. Baldrick’s comes in.  They fund grants for individual researchers who are focused on childhood cancer research. They’re working to improve treatments and reduce side effects for kids.  I really like the angle of supporting small research efforts.  Miracles happen when one person digs deep into one thing.

And, awesomely – I wasn’t the only one!  My friend Paul Taubman stirred up the community, telling them if donations doubled before go time, he’d shave too!

I had a blast several years back doing a virtual St. Baldrick’s Fundraiser and loved doing it again, live in in person at EP5!

We raised over $3500 and if you’re just learning about it now, it’s not too late to make your own contribution.

Here’s how you can take a stand with me:

  1. Make a Donation To St. Baldrick’s
  2. Share this blog post on social media.

What would you like to take a stand for?

You don’t have to be willing to shave your head, but I encourage you to stretch into something as wild and attention getting as possible!


St. Baldrick's

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