How To Have A Cross Blog Conversation

February 24

I love a great Cross Blog Conversation.

I first learned the concept from Liz Strauss of way back in my early days of blogging.

Participating in a cross blog conversation is a fun way to create content and my most recent conversation with Cindy Bidar proves it’s still awesome!

Here’s the Cross Blog Conversation plan:

  • You write a post that first explains what a Cross Blog Conversation is, then tells your readers who you’ll be conversing with.  Finally, you’ll write a section like a letter composed directly to your conversation partner, ending with a question for them to answer.
  • Now, on their blog – they will let their readers know that they have been engaged in a Cross Blog Conversation.  They will link back to your explanation and question.  Then they will write a section directly to you, answering your question and closing with a question for you.
  • Now, on your blog – you will let readers know that you’re continuing the Cross Blog Conversation, link to their answer and question – then write a section directly to your CBC partner, answering their question and asking another of your own.
  • Now it’s their turn.  They link to your question, answer it and ask another.
  • Now it’s your turn.  You link to their question, answer it and ask another.
  • Now it’s their turn. They link to your question, answer it and ask another, letting readers know this is their last one.
  • Now it’s your turn – answer their last question and close the CBC with a special thank you for their participation.

It would be great if you created a final wrap up post that lists all of the posts in order so that those who come upon it later can catch up on the whole conversation.

Some Tips for Success:

Have fun with your Cross Blog Conversation. Ask engaging questions that will inspire answers that people really care about!  Don’t ask dull questions that have been asked a hundred times before.

Keep your attention on the other blogger and write TO them, not to your readers.  The idea is to create a voyeuristic situation where others are observing.

If you don’t know your CBC partner very well, a quick phone or Zoom conversation is in order.  Get to know each other a little bit, it will help you create a great friendly tone in your blog posts.


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