Mindset AMA: #9 How To Get Out Of A Funk

November 4

This Mindset Ask Me Anything series features commentary from Love People + Make Money’s Community Creative, Lynn Leusch.  Thank you Lynn for taking the time to review the questions and answers and write helpful notes to go with the replays!!

Do you recall the childhood song, everybody hates me, nobody likes me, guess I’ll go it worms? Sorry about putting that song into your brain to play over and over again, but it is the perfect correlation to Kelly’s next Ask Me Anything question.

Q: What is Kelly’s #1 way, fastest, and most effective way to pull herself out of a down or depressed feeling and into a more productive mindset?

Kelly says it can become so easy to tell ourselves, it doesn’t matter if I write that blog post. Nobody wants to read it. No one cares if I publish this week’s podcast. People don’t want to hear what I have to say. This then turns into the everybody hates me…woe is me song of despair. Productivity slows down and can even come to a full stop if we don’t snap out of that mindset quickly.

Kelly’s Secret Weapon

Kelly points out that she indeed has puny and funky down days but has a secret weapon that she tells us about in the video replay to the above question.

She attributes her ability to go from funk to fantastic by using techniques she has learned from Melissa Pete of the Generative Knowledge Institute (LINK).

Now, I can’t possibly do justice to the explanation of why some people are able to have a funk moment that lasts a day, while others sometimes take weeks and months to work through. Kelly refers to this process as Oscillation. Very interesting, but as I said, you need to watch the video to get the scoop on how she uses Melissa’s unique process to quickly transition her mindset and mood.

Much of it has to do with the choices we make.

With her knowledge and through her experiences Kelly has learned to much more quickly recognize her triggers that could potentially take her into a disparaging mindset. She uses her Generative Knowledge skills and finds a way to spend time with people for whom it does matter a great deal.

Great Ideas Can Come From A Funky Mindset If We Choose Correctly

In fact, the Ask Me Anything series pretty much came out of a place of frustration when Kelly was feeling in a bit of a funk about some tasks she needed to work on. She wasn’t feeling the usual energy and excitement of working on her podcasts and other projects that needed her attention.

Based on her learned techniques she looked inside herself and decided she needed to plug into some people who need something. She knew that reaching out and helping others would pull something out of her that she desperately needed to get out of the funk she was in.

That idea, that process to reach out to others has not only helped her community and others that come across the video AMA series, with valuable advice and insights but in return, she has gained so much more.

I’m just gonna create something that pulls me up out of this funkiness…it sounded fun. Believe it or not it sounded easy. Now that I’m sitting here with all these questions it’s not gonna feel all that easy, but I am having fun…I’ve created umpteen items of content which I’m really excited to share and I feel like I matter. You matter!

Such a great idea. Helping others can also help you.

If you have ever found yourself in a mindset of not feeling like who you are or what you do matters, just know you are lying to yourself and owe it to yourself to watch the video to find out how Kelly’s ideas can help you get out of that funk you are feeling. Please know if that feeling persists, and you absolutely don’t know how to shake those thoughts off, I lovingly suggest that you reach out to someone to get some important guidance on what to do next.


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