Mindset AMA: How To Find Motivation?

March 27

This Mindset Ask Me Anything series features commentary from Love People + Make Money’s Community Creative, Lynn Leusch.  Thank you Lynn for taking the time to review the questions and answers and write helpful notes to go with the replays!!

After years of dealing with a compulsive eating problem, Kelly McCausey has tried numerous diets and with the help of overeaters anonymous, consistent mindset coaching, and a whole lot of motivation, she has been able to find a lot of freedom in making wiser eating choices.

Today’s AMA question is about struggling with motivation.

Q: What do you recommend for us when we’re struggling with motivation? My example: Getting off my butt, getting back in action so I can get fit and healthy, know it’s what I want. I know it’s essential. I think it’s about overcoming my own self-sabotage and stretching into what I really want to be. How do you overcome an old mindset that has you where you are, so you can move into all you really want?

The Struggle Is Real

That question struggling with motivation overcoming self-sabotage and stretching into what I really want to be…I’m right there with you all the time.

Alongside the struggles with food and body issues, Kelly shares that she also struggles with movement. Recently she purchased an annual body groove membership called Body Groove  with Misty Tripoli. This simple, easy-going, and fun workout gives her exactly what she wants.

Guess what Kelly doesn’t want?

  • She doesn’t really want to be active, especially when it’s cold and snowing.
  • She doesn’t want to take a walk, because her knees hurt.
  • She doesn’t want to exercise…she wants to sit on her behind and do nothing.

Here is where the importance of motivation comes in. Kelly points out that even though there are many things she doesn’t want to do she enjoys the choice to do so.

Choices And Motivation Helps Prepare Us

Sometimes just doing what we want to do doesn’t align with our goals and desires. But, combining our choices with motivation to achieve very specific end results prepares us…

I can sit on my ass if I want to, but does it create what i want?

So in the examples that Kelly shares, she can sit and do nothing at any time she chooses, but do the choices that are made create the outcome she desires? Not always. We make those choices every single day.

If not, then different choices might need to be made.

Motivation can make a difference in the choices that are made. Even though we may not want to do certain things, we get to choose. Like Kelly, we can choose to join a dance membership if we want.

This choice prepares Kelly to spend time with her granddaughter. It also prepares her to go to the park and play. It prepares her to have fun with ANYTHING she chooses. These are the unexpected surprises that are the results of her choices.

Keep asking what do I want to do and is what I’m doing creating what I want?

These are great closing words, Kelly!

I hope you have enjoyed this Ask Me Anything (AMA) series created by Kelly.

I feel like I just completed a mini mindset masterclass. If you found value in any or all of these AMA Q&A sessions, please reach out to Kelly and let her know.

P.S. The gal who asked this question is Cindy Rushton and upon viewing the answer, she jetted in this thank you:

Girl, I have no words that express how much this video means to me! It is truly the answer that I have been looking for. I literally cried the whole way through it TWICE! haha! It is a keeper! Thank you for being so real and so vulnerable. It is that which literally brought me a breakthrough I have needed for 20 years in this area of my life. No words express what is going on in my heart tonight!

We love you CINDY!!

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