How many other people are using the same PLR content?

December 17

Most people are aware that when purchasing PLR content it is being sold to numerous others as well. That’s why it’s important to tweak it, brand it and make it your own. But sometimes we want to know exactly how many others are able to purchase and use the same content.

If you want to know how many other people are using the content, you can search for it on Google and other search engines to get an idea of where it’s published on the web and how many have used it.

If you want to find private label rights content that is sold to a smaller group of people, some PLR content providers will tell you how many licenses they sell. For example, Easy PLR only sells 50-150 copies of each package.

Keep in mind, if you plan on customizing the content (which is highly recommended), then it doesn’t matter how many packages have been sold. You’ll still end up with unique content that you can be proud to post.

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