How Do I Get Started Working With A Virtual Assistant?

I received this great question recently:

“Kelly, I know you’ve been working with Tishia Lee as your Virtual Assistant for a really long time.  How did you get started with outsourcing? I’m not sure what to outsource first – I just know I’m working too hard!”

You’re right about a really long time!  Tishia has been my VA since 2006 when she first decided she wanted to start her own business.

[tbpquotable]My early outsourcing decisions were easy.  I cannot bear repetitive work! via @kellymccausey [/tbpquotable]

Anything I do over and over again had to go on someone else’s plate as soon as possible or it was not going to get done.  Observe your work days for about a week and note the things you can do with one hand tied behind your back.  If it’s easy to document and teach someone else to do – make it so!

Since you didn’t ask ‘How do I find a good Virtual Assistant?’ I’m going to go on the assumption you already have one in mind.  If not, you can ask in the community group.

Let’s dig in!

Step One: She Observed

I trained Tishia by asking her to observe my process for a few days.  I wanted her to take over the lion’s share of my email communication and 100% of my customer service.  We sat together and I talked my way through each email, explaining my reactions and responses.  She asked questions and took mad notes.

Step Two: I Observed

Once I felt I’d covered everything, she sat with me and went through all the email herself. I just watched and answered any new questions she came up with.

Step Three: Pass It Over

As soon as she was able to process my email without question, I turned it over and never looked back.  There are always odd situation where she may need to check with me, but they came up less and less often.

We repeated the process for several other regular tasks until I had set myself free from everything I didn’t want to do.

This gets you rolling.  The next issue of outsourcing to tackle has to do with outsourcing the things you don’t do very well – or simply can’t do.  That I can’t give you simple answer for though ;)

Hope that’s helpful! Be sure to share it with others if it is!


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