How Can You Offer Refreshment To Your Community?

February 25

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Building a Business means building a Community.

Leads, Customers, Clients, Partners… they’re all part of the Community I have attracted around me.  It is as true to say they’ve attracted me.

Like attracts like.  The people in my Community share a lot of my values.  They’re interested in building a business that serves others in a genuine way just as much as they are in creating profits.

Some marketers have a whole different approach.  There’s a whole neighborhood of online marketing where people learn how to ‘market to the herd’.  This is distasteful to me.  Who wants to be thought of as ‘the herd’?  Not me.  I sure don’t want to think about my customers that way.

I see the people I do business with as people.  Precious people.

I’m blessed I get to market to these people. Since I serve a community of fellow business builders, there is a lot I can promote to them on a regular basis.  It serves them well to be kept in the loop on what works, what doesn’t and especially what’s new.

I market quite a lot, but not 100% of the time.

Sometimes I just give. I send out something with zero strings attached, just because I believe it will be a blessing.

Other times I engage and get to know people.  I’ve found the best friends on earth through the time I’ve spent with then in between business activities.

[tbpquotable]I made friends in time I’ve spent with them in between business activities. @kellymccausey[/tbpquotable]

I especially love to surprise people and have fun.

Some Examples Of Refreshing Community Moments

An Unexpected Message

At Exposure & Profit 3, I invited a local artist to come speak.  He is about as far from an internet marketer as it gets, but something about his passion for art and willingness to go anywhere to share it appealed to me and I believed he had a valuable message in that story.

Arthur Ball, the Above Average Artist, had never spoken in front of a group before – but was willing to give it a shot.

The session started out slow. He was nervous.  I to motion a few times to remind him to hold the mic up to his mouth as his voice was trailing off.

I could see some uncomfortable glances between my attendees.  Before too long though, Arthur warmed up and told humor filled stories about his life as an artist.  Soon attendees were laughing and smiling – and when the session ended, many wanted to shake his hand.

I received so many positive comments and thanks.  Over and over I heard: ‘It was so refreshing – what an appealing young man – I love his passion!’

It was exactly what I hoped for!  It was a pattern interruption for my event and it totally blessed the community.

A Party Twist To Remember

Later at this same event, we had a party. It was a casual gathering in the hotel lobby with drinks and snacks. The usual, right?  Not exactly.  I threw in something extra, providing an assortment of Tiaras and Mustaches for everyone to wear.  This turned out way better than I had even imagined!

Men were wearing tiaras and women were wearing mustaches, it was hilarious and inspired a lot of selfie action – which by the way inspired lots of social love for the event.

The 2018 Exposure & Profit Party theme was Wigs!  Now that brought out the fun – I promise you!

I shaved my head for St. Baldrick’s Foundation – which is totally what made me think about everyone wearing wigs that night.

Thought Bubble Challenge

Earlier this year I moved my almost 13 year old forum community over to a Facebook Group. It wasn’t something I did lightly – or even all that willingly. I had been dead set against it for a long time.  My reasons were many.  I liked keeping things ‘on my own property’, you know?

In the end I had to realize my stubbornness wasn’t serving my community very well anymore. I made the move and within a few weeks, gladly admitted I ought to have done it sooner.  The ease of communication, sharing of images and videos makes it a powerful community base.  Let’s hope Father FB doesn’t do something to bork it all up!

This past week I took a photo of myself while waiting for an appointment.  It was perfect for adding a thought bubble… and while thinking about what I wanted to add it occurred to me… ooh, I should ask my group to provide the thought bubble!

I shared the image and challenged them to edit it with what they imagined I was thinking.  The image that got the most likes would get a free coaching call with me.

It was definitely fun to see the ideas come in.  Those who didn’t participate enjoyed the fun of it anyways.

Jennifer Burke won with ‘What if it were Easy?’ :)

Send Them Brownies!

I’m not a Send Out Cards rep, but I am a happy customer and frequent sender of their yummy brownies.

I’ve tempted people to share me on social media by offering them brownie bribes – it works like a charm!

I’m wrapping up my 2018 Stretch Yourself Challenge with those who finish the challenge by sending them all brownies – and we’re going to meet in my web conference to enjoy them and celebrate our accomplishments.  So Fun!

By the way, if you want to sign up for SOC, my pal Lynette IS a rep and she’d be super happy to connect you.

Lighten Things Up With Your Community

Nobody wants to be all business all the time and these days our social transparency and engagement is more important than ever.  Being present and engaged can’t mean ‘Sell, Sell, Sell!’ all the day long.  You’ll burn your people out.

[tbpquotable]Being present and engaged can’t mean ‘Sell, Sell, Sell!’ all the day long.  You’ll burn your people out.[/tbpquotable]

Loosen up. Have some fun!  Your community will appreciate it and feel more connected than ever.

If you’ve done something fun with your community, tell me about it in the comments below!


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