Finding and Using Images For Your Website

One thing that most, if not all online marketers would agree on is the importance of having good quality photographs on their blog and social media outlets. However that isn’t necessarily the most important thing to know about when using images in content marketing. Jennifer Burke from Mighty Marketing Mojo has written an in-depth article giving valuable tips to consider when selecting the use of stock photography and other people’s artistic licensed images.

Jennifer makes this good point:

it’s still not always possible or practical to take and use our own photos. Sometimes a story or content needs a particular type of image. And what if we need photos to represent our diverse audiences, but it’s not possible to do a photo shoot? Or you really want a certain object, a look, or an aesthetic?

Finding the right image that represents your audience is certainly important, but using images appropriately is of the utmost importance as Jennifer says:

Just because an image or creation you see online doesn’t have a copyright symbol © doesn’t mean it isn’t copyrighted

After reading this article, not only will you be more informed about protecting yourself with knowing the guidelines for image rights and usage, but you will also have access to an invaluable list of resources to locate imagery that covers a wide collection of photos. So go check out Jennifer Burkes’ article on finding and using images the right way.


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