Mindset AMA: #6 Overcoming Fear Of Being Unqualified

November 7

This Mindset Ask Me Anything series features commentary from Love People + Make Money’s Community Creative, Lynn Leusch.  Thank you Lynn for taking the time to review the questions and answers and write helpful notes to go with the replays!!

You may already know that Kelly McCausey started coaching in 2006 with a focus on helping people start their own podcast. She naturally expanded into coaching others on business and content marketing. And recently expanded her coaching genius into mindset coaching.

I feel the question for today’s review was uniquely waiting for Kelly to answer.

Q: How Do You Overcome Being Worried About Being Qualified In Your Field?

Kelly’s Qualification To Answer This Question

So, what qualifies, Kelly to answer this question and be a coach to others? Her answer is simple. Her clients.

It is important to note that Kelly is not certified in any way as being a coach, yet continues to receive many requests from people, all who love her teaching and coaching style saying and asking:

Would you coach me? I see what you’re doing and I see the results that you’re getting and would like you to help me, so here’s some money, would you help me? That’s my qualification. I have something they want. I’ve done something they want to do.

In answering the question in the above video, Kelly points out there is a grouping of people who would state, to be an effective coach, one needs to be certified.

Qualifications Of Being a Coach

Kelly takes a strong stance about whether or not someone needs to be certified to coach others. In some cases it might depend on the niche you are teaching in. For example, the health niche might necessitate some type of certification, but even that might not always require it.

So if certification isn’t a requirement to coach others, what about qualifications? Are you qualified to coach others? Kelly has a strong stance on that as well.

When someone looks at your life, your business your relationship and says how do you do that? I want to learn from you. I want to spend time with you. I want to talk with you and be coached by you. That’s your qualification.

Confidence Is Key

So much of this comes down to your own individual confidence level.

If you’re new to coaching and want to build confidence, Kelly recommends her Ten Testimonials program. This is her resource for people who need to gain experience and confidence.

A little bit of experience and a whole lot of confidence trumps certification. If you are questioning your qualifications to teach and share with others, take a look at this AMA video.


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