False Assumptions Crush Business Dreams All The Time

May 30

Too often we pick up negative assumptions about people.

Like if we asked someone to promote for us and they said no – we might assume they’ll always say no – instead of being open to the idea they’ll be interested some other time.

Face it, we pick up negative assumptions all the time.  

Your mailing list fails to respond to an offer and you think ‘They just don’t spend.’

That’s far from the truth of course – everyone spends when the offer is right and sometimes helping them to see an offer in the right light takes creative repeat exposure.

If you give up after one try, you’re making assumptions that don’t serve you well at all.

Let’s DROP Assumptions & Pick Up Anticipations.

  • Anticipate that your people are hungry to hear from you and motivated to respond to timely offers.
  • Anticipate that potential JV partners are open and curious about ways you can work together.
  • Anticipate that people who aren’t ready to act on an offer today, may very well be tomorrow – or the next day.

That’s how I roll.  I anticipate possibilities and pursue them!

I’ve made the mistake of picking up assumptions before.  Every now and then, if I’m in a low spot for one reason or another, I’m tempted to pick them up again… but as soon as I recognize it for what it is… ‘a false assumption’ – I drop it like a hot potato and get back to looking on the side of possibility!


Business Success Mindset

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