Examples Of Curated Content In Different Niches

July 16

For years I’ve been teaching curation to others and this week I ran another 5 Day Curation Challenge with a great bunch of creators.

The challenge was simply to curate five items of content to their blogs in five days – and they conquered the challenge like rockstars for sure!

I want to highlight a few of the curations shared on the forum this week so you can see content curation in action in different niches.

So here are the curation examples:

From Melissa Brown on She’s Got Content:

Spilling The Secrets: How To Write With Enthusiasm.

Melissa curated one of my favorite writers! Immediately recognizable for her signature art style, I adore Henneke!

From Jennifer Burke on Mighty Marketing Mojo:

Using Canva As Part Of Smart Content Curation

Jennifer answered our specific request that she create a Canva demo, showing people how to create images similar to what I was doing with Photoshop.

From Kelly Crompton on Because of Dogs:

Does Your Dog Need Sunscreen Protection

This particular curation came along at the perfect time for me as I have a new white puppy and I’m glad to know about sunscreen and light haired dogs.

From Lane Therrell on Daily Inspired Health:

Recommended Reading: Mindfulness Benefits Kids With ADHD and Their Families

This is an example of curation with quite a bit of added wisdom from the author since Lane had something she wanted say too.

From Erica Grant on Moms On The Grow:

Can Moms Accomplish Personal Goals and Be a Great Mom? 

A great simple example of curation spot on for her target market.

From Tishia Lee on Shining Self:

Setting Boundaries: The Good, Bad, And Ugly 

In this curation, Tishia picks a topic that means a lot to her personally. She’s shared a resource that she’s found really helpful.

These examples demonstrate how simple curation can be. Curated posts don’t have to be long or takes lots of time. You’ll see when you browse these examples that some write more than others. There is no minimum number of words required or nor can anything be too long. YOU will know exactly what you want to say and when you’re done.

If you’re not curating yet, let this inspire you.

Get my Smart Curation Skills training here.


Erica Grant, Jennifer Burke, Kelly Crompton, Lane Therrell, Melissa Brown, Tishia Lee

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