Everything Starts With An Idea

December 26

This is a guest post from Rosie Battista, a coach, creative, and spiritual counselor. You can find her over at RosieBattista.com 

An Idea.

Everything starts with the seed of an idea.

The idea doesn’t always originate out of your own head. Sometimes, it’s a seed that someone else plants for you.

No matter where the idea originates, it only germinates when you’re willing to take care of it and it only blossoms when you fall in love with it.

Beach Camp.

My friend Melissa Brown won two tickets to this women’s entrepreneurial weekend retreat and invited me to join her. (I might add that Melissa was incessantly talking about this Kelly McCausey woman who was running the event and I was curious to see what all the fuss was about)  I was also at a point in my 14 year coaching career, that I was screaming for a change. Things as I had them were NOT working.  I’d had inklings of change swirling in my head for a few years.

What I really wanted was to create products, coach around the idea and help people create gorgeous useful product that would enhance their business and their clients experience.

I had fantasized about this idea for years. I always retreated back to what I was currently doing.  Even though what I was doing wasn’t working the way I wanted it to, I was quite comfortable. At least I knew what didn’t work and it felt safe that way. Better that thing I know than that thing I don’t know.

Those pesky little thoughts persistently popped in,
“what if I moved on to something else and that didn’t work either?”,
“would I look like a failure for quitting and starting over?”

I know you totally get what I’m saying!

Right now is a great opportunity to check in with yourself.

Is there something you’re doing that is no longer working for you?

PSST: Happy flash! Here’s a peek at Melissa and I romping on the beach in Daytona:

Comfort Lies.

Comfort is never really your friend, unless there’s a snow storm outside and you’re in your pj’s by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate. Other than that, it’s the great pretender. It sneakily works against you, till you feel so stuck, you can barely breath.  Comfort keeps you tied to situations, places and spaces that are no longer really working for your best good. It refuses to allow your expansion into uncharted territory, where your heart can expand because it want’s you to stay safe exactly where you are (just incase).

For the successful entrepreneur, comfort is the kiss of death.

I knew my biz was suffering but part of me refused to let it go.

Then I met “that Kelly woman”  who helped me see things differently. At Beach Camp, Kelly lit up when I told her I made card decks. She said to me straight away, “Can you teach others to do this?”  My response, “I never really thought of that, but I guess I could”.

And there you have it. The seed was planted.

I ran with it. I wish I could say that I ran straight ahead. I didn’t. I played around for a few months, twisting and turning down side streets. Until one day, that same Kelly McCausey said, If you’re gonna hold on to your old stuff, I really can’t help you move forward.


That was a smack in the head. Whatever happened then, I got serious about what I wanted and I turned forward, onward and cardward and went full on to focus my attention on creating the Card Deck Creation Course.

Now hold on, it wasn’t that it got easy. As a matter of fact it was friggin’ hard.  I had no idea how to create a course that would take people from start to finish.  I had no idea how to use any of the new tools I needed for the backend of my course and website.

This was uncomfortable for me to step into this. Everything felt like a steep learning curve.  But I began to create a course that I thought I would like to see for myself if I was learning something new and I took it from there.  It took months of dedicated writing time, several weekends of 17 hours days to film the course and then to edit it.

By the time I was done. I held my breath on launch day. Not sure if all my hard work would be well received.

Head Party.

My ego got very excited and threw a little party in my head.

What if people didn’t like it?
What if I didn’t teach enough?
What if I didn’t know what I was talking about?

What if people couldn’t actually make a deck ?

The party was over quickly though, once I received social proof – in the form of my students making their card decks and little comments, messages and emails they would sent to me like:

“ Your module 1 is FANTASTIC! Love the meditation and definitions of good ideas and unique ideas.”

“I’m so glad for this course. Worksheets super helpful. I loved that interview you did. That was powerful.”

“I started the course yesterday and got through modules one and two! I just finished creating the content for the fronts and backs of all the cards…This is exciting, and so much easier than I expected…”

Imagine This.

I think about what it would it be like if I hadn’t made the card deck creation course. Those 40 Creators who signed on the first month may never have ventured out of their comfort and pushed themselves to create their very own deck.

And here’s where it got easy!  It got easy because doing what you love, loving what you, and producing something that others need and want, creates what I call the Sweet Spot, where everything flows.  I describe this as your most abundant state, the happy place where you can’t wait to wake up in the morning to get going,  the place where magic happens and anything is possible.

Woman, Do It.

Jump. Trust. Go. I highly invite you step out of your comfort zone.  Do that thing that scares you. Do that thing that calls to you, even if and especially when that fearful, doubtful and worrisome voice is talking loudly in your head. Even when it’s telling you why you should stay exactly where you are.

Push out and grow and take the world with you.

Yummy Deliciousness.

So much is coming soon. Surprises and super yummy deliciousness fill my idea book with lovely new ideas that spin off of the Card Deck Creation Course. I’m so excited and so happy doing what I love and it shows in how I feel. The work with my card deck creators comes so easy for me. I feel like I’m in my sweet spot, having fun while making a difference for other people. Who could ask for anything more?

Sweet Spot.

If you’re not in your sweet spot, it’s time to consider stepping outside your comfort zone and into a sweeter spot. The spot that makes you giddy with joy and excited to get up in the morning.

Card Decks.

And hey, if you’re a digital expert, an online marketer, a coach, a teacher, a trainer, an author or a speaker,  you need a physical product. A card deck is that perfect product that covers the gamut from fun to inspirational to motivational to educational.  As much fun to create as it is to sell.

So you see, this hot little item belongs in your hot little hands.

Here’s the deal with card decks. They rock. Period. Everyone needs a physical product to place in the hands of their clients. This little product is so much fun and provides so much value to your peeps. From teaching the course, I’ve discovered more fun ways that having your own deck pushes you out of your comfort zone :

1) You’ll do live videos.
You’ll use your cards as a prompter for Facebook life series. When you have your own deck, you’ve got an ally between you and the camera.  Something of interest to talk, show, tell and share about – the content on your card is your leader.

2) You’ll sell stuff.
The proof is in the product. You’ll create immediate intrigue along with expert status proof in your subject/field – helping you get speaking gigs and giving you the opportunity to sell something after you’re done speaking. This intriguing product literally sells itself as it’s less intimidating than a book and something the recipient can be sure they’ll use – so you don’t have to worry about your selling skills, you’ll sell without “selling” and simply by sharing your shit.

3) You’ll share your message with the world.
Just when you thought you didn’t know enough to make a difference, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. People need what you have to say, because only you can say it the way you say it. Your gift is meant to be shared. You’ll never find true inner peace if you are holding back the goods and gifts.

Step Out.

I’m a firm believer that we’re all in this together. If I can do it, you can do it. If I can step outside my comfort zone, you can step outside of yours. If you are holding yourself back from your message because it’s not good enough, you think you need one more certification, you’re not really ready (yet), you don’t have time or yada yada, stop it… and take a step out.

I’ll see you on the “un”comfortable side of things, where magic happens and anything is possible.

About Rosie

Rosie Battista believes that miracles happen everyday and anything is possible! As a Coach, Creative, and Spiritual Counselor, she teaches Spiritual Essentials, Self Love You-tensils and Creative Flow that enhance your life and business.   She helps clients remember who they truly are. This discovery allows them to uncover their brilliance and light the world with it!

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