Cross Blog Conversation About Entrepreneurship & Mindset: Part One

January 30

Being a full-time online Content Creator/Entrepreneur, I just need my computer, an internet connection and my brain and BOOM – content flows and money grows! (Right?)

Well, not exactly.

The fuller picture of my life as an Entrepreneur over the last nearly twenty years reveals that I’ve needed much more than bandwidth and a device to be successful, especially where content creation comes in.

I’ve needed an abundance of learning, an ever growing circle of connections and good technology. I could write books on how valuable all of this is – but what’s on my mind right now is how important Personal Development have been to my growth as a business woman.

No doubt about it for me. When I let my self care go, my business soon experiences consequences. When I lean in on personal work, dealing with my thought life, overcoming what holds me back – my business soon shows positive results.

Knowing that I’m not alone in this awareness that self care and personal work is crucial for entrepreneurs, I’ve asked my friend Cindy Bidar to join me in a Cross Blog Conversation.

Over the course of a few weeks, we’ll be popping back and forth between our blogs, engaging on the topic. We’re going to ask and answer questions about how we’ve pursued and implemented self work.

So, let’s go ahead and get started!

My first open letter to Cindy:

Hey you! Thanks for saying yes to my request for a Cross Blog Conversation – this is going to be fun!

For a little background, you know I started my online business in 2002. I got into content creation in late 2003 with an internet radio show. I started selling content in 2004.

Content has built my community and made everything possible. I learned so much and grew so far – but never broke the six figure income level… UNTIL I delved into personal development and learned about mindset.

Mindset. Eeks, what a word! I used to HATE it. Whenever anyone talked about Mindset in the early years, I’d tune them out. I only wanted to learn about strategy and tangible how to stuff. I felt if I only knew how to do something, I could certainly do it.

I didn’t know then that knowing how is only a small element in many areas of business.

Defining Mindset super simply = it is the way we think about what we’re experiencing and doing.

A mindset is a collection of thoughts that either support or discourage all of those actions we ‘know how’ to do.

I had a mindset that discouraged MANY of the actions I knew how to do in those early years. I learned, implemented and experienced some success – but nothing like I could have if I’d had a higher/stronger set of thoughts to operate from.

Do you feel the same way?

In your early years, how did you feel about mindset? Did you resist the possibility that thinking differently could change everything like I did?

Tell me your experience!

Read Cindy’s response on her blog!


Cindy Bidar

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