Does Familiarity Breed Delay?

January 16

More than a few of my internet marketing comrades have shared a mild (and sometimes not so mild) frustration with me.

They are finding that mixing friendship with service providers can be a mixed blessing.

We all love to do business with those that we know and like.  But is it always a good idea?  You would think that providing a service for a friend would inspire acts of creativity and favor.  Instead it often seems to end up in the friend being placed at the end of the line.

I understand the thought process.  I have to admit that I’ve thought it myself.

“Well, I have a lot to get done and I’m afraid I might be late for a deadline – but Sam won’t mind – she’s my friend and she will undertand.”

That’s probably true – friends do understand.

But isn’t business, business?

Frankly, I can understand personal circumstances in just about any situation, whether a person is a friend of mine or not.  I can make allowances – Once.  But when it happens more than one time – you can’t help but start to have real concerns about their reliability and that’s going to be true, friend or no friend.

Ask yourself… “Am I imposing on a friendship by asking someone to ‘understand’ frequent delays or a lack of professional business communication?”

If the answer is yes, it’s time to shape up.  If your friends are spending their hard earned cash with you they deserve your best service all the time.


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