Do You Have An Offer Funnel Or A Straw?

September 19

In the Stretch Yourself Challenge, we are focused on creating, publishing and promoting content.  Whenever possible, we’re aiming at evergreen topics. Once an evergreen topic, something that’s useful at anytime during the year, is out there, it can work for us in a content marketing funnel for years to come.

Evergreen content and related offers come together to build a nice wide offer funnel. (An example of evergreen content is this post.)

When your content isn’t long lasting, like the stuff you post on social media that faces away in a matter of days… when that’s all you’re focused on – you don’t have a funnel, you have a skinny straw and you’re busy sucking on it all the time!

I’ve got more to say in this video:

See the image below, imagine how as you build more content up top, the more space you have in your funnel to build offers – and profit?

Everyone starts with a fairly slim content marketing funnel, but if the content stands the test of time, it works as well next year as this year.  As you build in new content and offers, your funnel widens and works for you better than ever.

Am I down on social media? Hell no.  I share my great evergreen content on social consistently to help reach peeps who haven’t seen it yet – or forgot about it.

If I write something on social that resonates and gets attention, I make note to expand on the ideas in a more long lasting content format. A Facebook post becomes a video. The video goes on my YouTube channel. The YouTube video gets curated to my blog… like this post you’ve just read ;) 

Learn more about creating long lasting content in various formats when you take my Stretch Yourself Challenge. Available as a self study all the time and as a live group challenge every September.


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