Cross Blog Conversation With Angela Wills About Email Marketing: Part Three

October 24

I’m continuing my Cross Blog Conversation about Email Marketing with Angela Wills today.

This is what Angela is asking me to respond to now…

I know you have various businesses and I’m totally curious about how you use email marketing in each of those businesses. Do you approach email differently for each business? I’m a daily email marketer. Where do you fall in this area? I think at one time you sent daily emails but I see less from you lately so I’m curious what your plan is these days and how that fits with your business model.

As of today I have four business projects with their own email marketing:

I do in fact approach marketing different with each of these projects.

Love People + Make Money

Here at LP+MM, I definitely consider myself a daily emailer – but L I F E has put a quirk in that lately.

Looking back at recent weeks, I know that I emailed daily all through September – but only to my Stretch Yourself Challenge participants. The main community was way quieter and since it ended I’ve been overwhelmed offline and haven’t send many emails.  This IS unusual for me and it won’t last much longer, I promise!

One of the beautiful things about being a Content Creator is that I almost always have something to email about, whether it’s a new blog post or a new podcast – or something a contemporary has going on that I want to share.

I keep my mailing list growing with multiple optins and content upgrades. I jump into bundles and giveaways too.

Mom Webs Hosting

Over at Mom Webs Hosting, we once had a solid pattern of sending out a monthly newsletter and an occasional solo email about something special. I pressed pause on that some time ago and need to get a clear vision for communicating with hosting clients.  The system that we email from isn’t awesome (no valuable data to learn from) so I am rethinking how it all works. Optimally, we’ll need to create a new subscriber gift option to build a list on Active Campaign.

White Label Perks

At White Label Perks, we build leads with a free sample PLR offer and through partnering with bundles & giveaways, but the majority of our list members are paying customers – which is certainly nice! With an audience of done-for-you content buyers and a thriving industry always creating something new, we could email something daily if we wanted to.  It’s more common for me to email four or five times a week when I’m giving it the attention it deserves.

Daily Faith PLR

Daily Faith PLR is a done-for-you content brand focused on Christian ministries and other publishers. This niche is growing like crazy and we don’t have many JV opportunities, so we’re emailing our own content as it’s released and featuring older content in between. Because we don’t have much competition to email for or be promoted by, we’ve had to be self-driven to reach our people. We’ve accomplished that through participation in giveaways and bundles and by hosting our own summits and bundles.

Of Course I Cross-Promote These :)

My business as a whole is about Content Marketing so these brands work together and I actively cross-promote whenever it makes sense. Someone who discovers one of the PLR brands soon learns that I teach them how to effectively use their content over at LP+MM. People who find me via LP+MM soon find out about the PLR brands and Mom Webs.  This is mostly done by email follow up, whether it’s done with great intention or some little PS whispers ❤️

Ok Angela, now I want to ask you more about Email Practice Club.

Where did the idea come from to offer a membership about writing emails and what has been the greatest benefit you’ve seen for your members since it started?  Is there a common stumbling block you’ve become aware of and is there a tip you’d share for overcoming it?

Read Angela’s answer on her site here!


Angela Wills

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