My Commitment To Inclusive Stages In All Mediums

June 9

This short talk shares my heart on taking a stand for creating and participating in diverse/inclusive events and as well as on virtual stages like podcasts, blogs and summits.

It’s no secret that I have strong opinions and like to share them, but please know it’s not my goal to point fingers and shame anyone. Rather, I am speaking for something I believe and inviting you to consider.

I have to correct something I said in the video.

When I spoke, I said I saw the mistake of having an all white stage after the first event. When looking for images of my events, I realized to my embarrassment that my first event was not my only all white stage. The 2nd EP event had all white speakers as well – proof I can remember things the way I want to some times :(

EP3 and every event since has been intentionally designed to mirror the community I serve and this is what I want to encourage as I engage with other business leaders.

See the contrast between the all white faces of my first two events and the diverse community represented in those following.

Exposure and Profit

Now, my question to event hosts, podcast hosts, summit organizers, bloggers who share their platform with others – since you have this position of leadership – a stage of sorts, however big or small… are you willing to use it to create more of what you want in the world?

Does this include being intentional about diversity?

If it hasn’t so far, I’m not pointing a judgy finger. Ok, let’s be honest – some some extent I am… but I actively lean away from it – I can’t possibly know your heart or intentions with anything you’ve done.

Judgment isn’t helpful. Invitations are. I’m inviting you to create a new plan.

For me, I have committed to take an explicit stand for an inclusive business community.

I once gave no thought to diversity, clearly! There’s no value in beating myself up – there’s only tremendous value in making a purposeful move in the right direction.

This means I purposefully build my stages to represent the diversity I see in my community.

Actually, it goes deeper than that.  It means I purposefully seek to be part of diverse communities so that I CAN know awesome people to shine a light on.

Thanks for listening, for reading and considering.

If I can help you in any way, please let me know ❤

Every Monday I invite a member of my community to give a ten minute talk on a topic they feel passionate about. Volunteer to be a Kelly Talks Speaker here!



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