Collaborative Content Creation For Your Blog

October 26

Blog collaboration just may be one of the most underused content creation tools available to bloggers. Whether you are a new or experienced blogger you need content. Content that provides your audience with valuable information based on your blog niche and specific post topic. You don’t always need to create your content all by yourself.

Tapping into the expertise, knowledge and assistance of others on the subject you are wanting to write about can save you time. It can also expand your community and connect you with more people who want and need what you have to offer. Providing value enriched content by combining ideas and perspectives from multiple expert sources can help build credibility in your niche.

Creating a Blog Collaboration is a Simple Process

Creating a collaborative blog post is by no means difficult. With a bit of planning and orchestration you can pull together a collaborative post in your niche by following simple action steps:

  • Decide the topic you’d like multiple points of view on.
  • Contact double the number of collaborators than you’d like to have participate. Ex: If you want content from five experts with knowledge on your selected topic then contact ten.
  • Ask them if they would contribute to your project. Give them the details of what you are requesting of them.
  • Set guidelines of how long of an article you are hoping to receive and give them a due date.
  • Collect bio information and a picture from each content provider.
  • Collect and compile all of  the contributions.  Create your post using all the value-added information provided by your contributors.
  • Publish.

Leveraging Other People’s Knowledge

Collaborating with others on a specific topic offers multiple voices and perspective on a given subject or topic. Leveraging their knowledge and experience provides value to your audience. Your readers will appreciate seeing many points of view on your topic of discussion.

After compiling and publishing the content provided by your contributors, share it with your audience. You will begin to see  there are many benefits to providing content rich collaborative blog posts.

Benefits of Blog Collaboration

More traffic to your site. Each contributor often tells their audience about their contribution and shares your final post with their audience. This means more potential eyes on your blog. If they like what they see, you have an opportunity to gain new followers.

Gain expert status by association. Bringing topic experts together on a specific subject and providing their collective experiences and insights gains you authority status. You make it easy for your audience to learn from many in one place: your blog.

Increase in income potential. There are so many income possibilities on this alone. Providing valuable content to your current and new visitors keeps them happy and wanting to return and learn more. Each time someone returns to your site, you get to introduce them to your products for sale. This includes products you have personally created as well as affiliate programs you promote.

More eyes + more visits + more introductions to products = more potential sales.

Shining Examples of Collaborative Blog Posts

We proudly present some shining examples of collaborative blog posts that you can learn from. You will not only receive value from their subject matter, but also have access to examples that will give you guidance to creating your own collaborations.

As you view these, take note of how each blogger took the idea of a collaborative blog post and used their own unique: presentation, style, and layout to make their post come to life. Each one provides an excellent example to learn from.

How We Spark Our Creativity!

Hosted By Teresa Miller

Teresa at Freestyle created a collaborative post on How We Spark Our Creativity! Ten creative souls accepted her invitation to write about entrepreneurs being creatively stuck and how they inspire themselves to spark new ideas to get those creative juices flowing once again. Teresa also added her own great creative sparks, so head on over to her site to read her 11 ways to spark your creativity.

Best Self-Publishing Authors Share Their Best Self Publishing Advice

Hosted By Benecia Ponder


In her post at Inspirational Authors, Benecia shares:

“I am connected to some pretty amazing individuals who have lots of real-life, practical experience with self-publishing, and I reached out to seven of them to help me with this article. Combined these illustrious authors have more than 50 years of self-publishing experience, with a total of 75 self-published books among them.

That’s a whole lot of experience in one location. Benecia asked each of her connections one question:  If you could give your Best Self-Publishing Advice to someone thinking about publishing a book, what would it be? Each of her collaborators provided some great gems of advice for new and seasoned writers alike. Visitors to her blog will be incredibly grateful to her for providing all this value. In return this one post could increase the likelihood of her readers returning to learn more from her.

Social Media Marketing Tips for the Most Popular Platforms

Hosted By Luanna Rodham

With so many social media platforms to select from, it’s difficult to know which ones might be best suited for our entrepreneurial journey.

Luanna from Easy Breezy Marketing provides answers to that quandary by compiling advice from social media experts on this subject.  Her collaborative post, 7 Social Media Marketing Tips for the Most Popular Platforms is sure to make her readers happy by answering this question that is on the minds of many entrepreneurs.

Visiting Luana’s site and receiving tips on the different social media platforms from these experts is priceless.

Time-Tested Creativity Tips From Brilliant Women Entrepreneurs

Hosted By Maria Silvo

Maria Silvo also compiled a collaboration of women entrepreneurs, on the subject of creativity. However, she took a slightly different angle from our one mentioned earlier which is a great example of how diverse collaborations can be.

Maria takes us through a series of questions she often asks herself about creativity. She then introduces us to her contributors who share an abundance of ideas with her readers about Time-Tested Creativity Tips.

Notice how she creates a fun quote tip visual for each contribution offering additional authority to each contributor.

More Collaborative Examples

Would you like some additional inspiration on blog collaborations? We aim to please, so here are a few examples from our Love People + Make Money blog:

Ready to Create Your Own Collaborative Blog Post?

You now have plenty of inspiration to create your own collaborative blog post. What are you waiting for?

It is our hope that by reading this, you have discovered the value of collaborative posts, which we believe you should be using as part of your content creation plan as soon as possible. If you’d like detailed instruction on how to start and finish, there’s a Create a Collaborative Blog Post Project in the Stretch Yourself Challenge, available as a Self Study now.

Let’s Celebrate Together!

We love to celebrate the success of our readers. After publishing your own collaborative blog post, we invite you back to share your post with us. We look forward to sharing a job well done alongside you. See you soon!


Benecia Ponder, Luanna Rodham, Maria Silvo, Teresa Miller

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