Mindset AMA: Can I Build Two Businesses At Once?

December 7

This Mindset Ask Me Anything series features commentary from Love People + Make Money’s Community Creative, Lynn Leusch.  Thank you Lynn for taking the time to review the questions and answers and write helpful notes to go with the replays!!

In today’s video review, there are two questions within the same video.

AMA Question #3

Alissa asks: What happens when you are conflicted between more than one business identity? Your current paycheck comes from using skills from one identity, but you have great skills in another area that you want to explore?

I believe that this is one of those questions that many inspiring business owners might have. Especially when just starting out. Logically,

…money has to be made, bills have to be paid, and if you don’t have a presence built up and a reputation as a coach you know you’ve got the challenge. It takes time and effort to build that up. In the meantime, if you know how to help somebody set up their marketing, Boom! Done! You can have work before the day is done.

I think as much as we would love to instantly make the choice to work in the area of our choosing and do the work that gives us the most joy at that moment, Kelly brings up an important point about choices.

A Choice Needs To Be Made

When someone is wavering between two types of income generators, and only one of them pays the bills, a choice has to be made. Time and attention needs to be given to the work that pays the bills.

Kelly states that before she was able to do the current work that she absolutely LOVES, she was a web and graphic designer. She did a lot of things while building up to transition into doing what she loves to do full time.

If you’ve got an hour you’ve got to choose where that hour goes. But you don’t have to choose career paths maybe one career path supports the development of the other for a season. You know where you want to spend your time.

Those are great parting words of advice and guidance to best transition from what pays the bills to eventually doing what you love.

Our next question comes from Senora.

AMA Question #4

Starting at the 6:04 point in the video, Senora asks (paraphrased):

Q: How do you control being overwhelmed and being stuck? Since 2021 I’m not able to go on video or show myself anymore like I used to.

Senora stated that she generally finds herself feeling very comfortable speaking one-on-one with others and writing posts, and speaking in small intimate groups, etc. However, has recently been overwhelmed at the thought of going live on video.

After some great interactive questions, Kelly was able to fine-tune a potential block keeping Senora from moving forward.

The turning point comes into play when Kelly references Ego and Essence.

Ego being our old programming, all of our fears, and insecurities. That little voice she refers to as Trickster.

Seems like Trickster has once again been up to no good by whispering into Senora’s ear about what a certain someone might think or say before Senora goes live.

Kelly asked Senora to make two lists.

  • List One: Write all the ideas that she has control over to make changes – like creating the landing page she’s been putting off, etc.
  • List Two: Write a list of things that Trickster is telling her that she has no control over – like what or how people think.

The ball is now in her court to work through those blocks and begin shining like the bright star she knows she is.

I feel there’s a bit of magic in the air when I’m able to witness a great brainstorming process to go from “I have no idea what to do” to “I’m excited about what I get to do for a living”.

Good stuff. Good watch.


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