Building A Community Through Email Marketing

October 29

As a solopreneur have you ever questioned the importance of email marketing? Do you ever wonder if email marketing is still the best way to build a rapport with your community members?

Jennifer Burke from Mighty Marketing Mojo reached out to her fellow business pals to ask them how email marketing helps them build their community relationships.

Several coaches, content creators, and service biz professionals responded and shared their stories of what it’s meant to their online business success to build an email-based community.

Below is a small snippet of inspiration from Jennifer’s post that will surely encourage you to create and engage with your own community.

Melissa Brown of She’s Got Content

“These people are my community … I don’t take them for granted”

Kelly McCausey of Love People and Make Money

“Email gives us choices and is empowering”

Val Selby, Coach and Community Builder 

“Email is the constant that’s been part of my business success for years”

Pam Hamilton at Building Visibility

“the power of email for business success comes from relationships built through emails”

Terry Loving WordPress Management Services

“I love how some emails are a real conversation and I’m looking to find my voice that way”

Dr Renee Cohn Jones of Helping Parents Parent

“I love getting replies, comments and being able to answer questions for my email community”

Connie Ragen Green, Small Business Unmarketing

“With each email I’m renewing my vow to my community to provide them with content, ideas, and resources in way that benefits each of us.”

Stephanie Watson-Barry of Monthly Content Helpers

“Without our email community we wouldn’t have a business”

If you were to only read just one of these stories you would be inspired. However, you have insights from 8 different successful biz owners to learn from. The additional insights from these successful biz owners in Jennifer’s post will indeed inspire you to build, grow, and nurture your own email community.


Jennifer Burke

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