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November 1

We are genetically designed to notice new things, so seeing and thinking about new stuff is certainly normal – like a knee jerk reaction, right?

It’s totally human and totally O.K.

We’re not helpless sufferers though.  We’re in control of the time we end up thinking about bright shiny objects.

What does Bright Shiny Object Syndrome mean to you?

My version of BSOS is being tempted to start new projects that take my time, creativity and energy away from what’s already working.

As a solopreneur managing multiple streams of income, I have to give thought to new projects.  I need to test new ideas and explore fresh strategies.

What I must not do is play about with sparkly things more than I focus on existing successful projects.  If I do, my current income streams will suffer.

If I keep new idea exploration down to say, 10-15% of my time, I’m doing good.  I’m not suffering from a scary time sucking syndrome.  I’m being a smart solopreneur!

Shiny New Products

An email pops into your inbox with news about a product or tool that will surely double your income.  You click the link and lose the next 20 minutes to reading and re-reading a sales page or watching a long but diabolically attention sucking video.

This form of BSOS has a way of sucking the money out of your wallet.  Sadly, once the money’s been spent, the product doesn’t sparkle nearly as much and before you know it it’s covered in digital dust.

Shiny New Strategies

How many times a year are we faced with the latest ‘must do or you’ll die a slow internet death‘ business marketing tactic?

Everyone wants to ride the next wave to riches.  Knowing whether the wave is actually going to work out or not is the big risk.  Some very sparkly waves have taken me off my feet, distracting me with their promise – only to leave me with sand in my pants.

Some hot new things WILL turn out to be incredible and we certainly don’t want to miss those.  So how to we monitor new possibilities without getting sucked in?

Have A Coach

One of my clients asked me this week if she should purchase a product I promoted by email.  My answer for her was a clear no.  She didn’t need it and had plenty to keep her hands busy right now without taking on something new.

Having someone help you field options is a sure defense against BSOS.  A Coach who has built the sort of business you want can help you see where your time and money can be best focused.

Keep in mind though, even smart people you trust will occasionally dangle a sparkly that just isn’t right for you.

My love for audio made my decision to jump into internet radio just before podcasting erupted a great move.  I believe every marketer can benefit from one so I write and talk a lot about it – working my darnedest to convince the world to jump in to the world of podcasting.  (That makes me a BSO Pusher doesn’t it?)

Evaluating Bright Shiny Objects Is About Knowing Yourself

What do you like doing?  What do you hate?  What activities will you gladly jump into and what will you avoid at all costs?  If you know yourself well enough, you’ll be able to let sparkly waves that don’t suit wash over and past you without guilt.

A lot of waves are rushing by me right now.  There’s a LinkedIn wave, a Facebook Ads wave, an Amazon FBA wave… all bright, shiny and especially sparkly because I hear so many good reports about them.  Still, I know me well and I know I won’t DO that stuff – so I let it pass me by.

A trend that grabbed my attention last year is Curation.  I felt like I could do it and would likely enjoy it.   Turns out I DO enjoy it and appreciate the results I get from it.  I’m glad I didn’t let it pass me by.

Ultimately, YOU Control What Sparkles Most

I decided a long time ago my ‘main thing’ (this site) would be the brightest, shiniest, most sparkly thing in my business.  It outshines every other shimmering idea that pops into my head or is introduced by another.  I assign it that attribute.

This is my business philosophy.  I built a brand that serves a community and devote the best of myself to it.  It’s the bright shining diamond of my business world.  It gets the best of my time.  It gets the first portion of my creativity.

Let’s recap :)

  • We’re going to notice, even be confronted by, new things.
  • It’s right to give a little time over to evaluating these things.
  • A coach is an invaluable resource for this.
  • We can let things go that don’t suit us.
  • Not all shiny things are bad – many do lead to profit!
  • You get to decide what glitters most.

I hope I’m leaving you feeling empowered to manage your BSOS once and for all.

If for any reason, you find yourself getting caught up in it all again and you’re wondering what to do…

You’re smart and you’ve got this!

Want to dig deeper into BSOS?

Watch my four part mini-video series :)


Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

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