5 Tips for Boosting Conversions of All Your Web Pages

May 21

This is a guest post from Karon Thackston, who trains online business owners to communicate with, connect & convert with their audiences.

The struggle is real. I can’t tell you how many times the question has been asked, “Why isn’t my web page converting?” Whether you’re trying to entice more opt-ins, get registrations for a webinar, persuade prospects that your service is right for them, or sell digital courses, there are certain things that can significantly boost the performance of your copy.

These are my top 5 go-to faves for crafting web pages (of any type) that hit the mark.

1. Buy A Birthday Card

Knowing who your target customers are is critical to the communication process. Think about it. You’ve read a couple of paragraphs from this post (and maybe my bio). Do you think you can buy me a birthday card? Of course you can!

Anyone can buy anybody a birthday card. But here’s the thing. Because you know virtually nothing about me, that card will most likely be rather generic. Will it accomplish the task? Yep! You will have wished me a happy birthday. Will the card touch me and connect with me? Eh… probably not.

It’s the same with your copy. You can, in fact, write copy that may do a pretty good job and get some results. But it isn’t until you understand and connect with your audience that you’ll truly accomplish your goals.

That means creating target customer avatars for your primary audience and the individual segments within the overall audience. Don’t worry. It’s not the mysterious, complex process that so many people make it out to be. I’ve even got a goodie for you that will make it super-simple. (See below.)

2. Follow Your Natural Instincts

Once you have a handle on who your audience is, what they want and how best to communicate with them, you’ll want to put that info to great use. You might think learning to do this is a long, drawn-out ordeal.

Would you be surprised to know that you do it naturally? All day, every day. Without even thinking about it!

What if you bought a new sports car and wanted to tell everyone about it? Chances are pretty good that what you say and how you say it will change from person to person.

For example, when you tell your best friend, you’ll probably say something about how fast it goes, that it makes you feel sexy when you drive it, that you had to take some money out of the kids’ college fund to afford it, or that some hot guy was winking at you at the stoplight.

But what if you told your mom? If your mom is like mine, you’d most likely change the details drastically. Maybe your mom would rather hear about how safe the car is and that you got a good deal.

And the kids? That conversation will go something like “It’s expensive, and it’s mine. No food, and no muddy shoes allowed. And the first person who rips my leather seats has had it!”

The same core message… I got a new car. But — without even thinking about it — you alter the tone and the details to fit your audience. You’re so smart!

Do this exact same thing as you communicate with your target customers through your copy. Make time to include specific details that each segment will relate to.

3. Buy Some Toothpaste

How much time do you spend on the toothpaste aisle of the store? If you normally grab and go, linger a while longer the next time you’re there. It’s very enlightening.

Why? Because each of those tubes of toothpaste is marketed and packaged to reflect its unique benefits. Your web pages should do the same thing.

What do you see on the toothpaste aisle? Some are for sensitive teeth, some offer different levels of whitening, that one on the bottom shelf is all natural, the pink and yellow tube is for kids and tastes like bubble gum.

Just as toothpaste packaging explains clearly how the product is different or better, think about how your products/service/podcasts/lead-gen freebies special stand out. What’s unique about them? Why should a prospect choose to take you up on your offer as opposed to someone else’s?

Sure, catchy slogans can be OK, but clarity has been proven to outperform persuasion time and again.

4. Speak Your Customer’s Language

Few things build a connection better than being relatable. In copy, where it is obvious that you’re trying to persuade a person to do something (opt in, buy, etc.), using the same words and phrases your prospects use can break down a barrier.

Where do you find these words and phrases? Your customers will give them to you.

  • Check product/book reviews on Amazon for items similar to yours
  • Watch reviews on YouTube
  • Watch shopping network shows on QVC or HSN
  • Read Google reviews
  • Scroll threads in Facebook or LinkedIn groups that relate to your services

Make notes about the exact words people are using to talk about the products/services that are similar to yours. Then repeat those words in your copy as you write. For example, if you keep reading the phrase “surprisingly simple” in reviews about web design services as customers talk about the sometimes-agonizing process involved, use that term as you write your copy.

Speaking your customers’ exact language will let them know that the two of you see eye to eye.

5. Build Undeniable Trust

Two words: reviews and testimonials.

Sure, icons of locks, logos from the BBB, and other graphics can also play a roll. But when it comes to proving that you are a trustworthy business, few things work better than proof of performance from someone who has used your products/services.

Whether it’s including  5 to 15 testimonials on a long-form sales page or a short snippet of praise on a squeeze page, showing that you have earned positive feedback from others makes prospects trust you more.

Have you noticed the common denominator between all 5 tips? Each one revolves around your target customers. To help you get a solid handle on who your target avatar is and what s/he wants, I’d love to give you my target customer worksheet and video.

You’ll quickly discover who you’re communicating with through your copy and how to connect and convert them. Download yours here today!

About Karon:

Karon Thackston is President of Marketing Words copywriting & content agency that trains online business owners to communicate with, connect & convert with their audiences. Through easy-to-understand courses, Karon can help you master your communication skills and boost revenue!

Karon was my guest on the Love People + Make Money podcast recently. Listen here to learn about rocking great short copy.


Karon Thackston

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