Actively Lean Into A New Identity

Yesterday’s Feel Good Time on Twitch featured a few blurbs from The Big Leap.

I enjoyed reflecting on how far I’ve come from blaming my circumstances and feeling helpless to taking full responsibility for my actions.

Where I once lived in the space of thinking I had no choices, today I live in full awareness of my choices and have been able to create myself financially secure and full of potential.


I got myself under debt and ruined my credit early. So for 15+ years I would say, “I can’t pay my bills on time because I’m in debt and I have no choices about that.”

After working my way out of debt and making more income than ever РI noticed I STILL failed to pay my bills on time.  Interesting, right?

The debt was a circumstance I blamed – but in truth I had become a person who didn’t pay her bills on time. I had allowed temporary circumstances to reshape my identity.

Breaking out of that mindset was tough – but I did it!

Today, I DO pay my bills on time and what do you know? I’ve got money saved and have begun to create investments.

I’m actively reshaping my identity about money.

What do you think about all this? Do you see an area of your life where you’re blaming circumstances and want to take responsibility to create something new?

Leave me a comment and share what you’re thinking about!