10 Principles of Abundance

Wahoo! You done did it now… you took one little step towards stretching your personal mindset about abundance.

Can I just say that rocks? Seriously!

Download your copy of 10 Principles of Abundance (Tweaked by Kelly) here. (PDF)

Here’s a reminder of how I use these:

  1. I close my eyes, take a few relaxing breathes and use a visualization to begin. I imagine a soft white glowing rain falling over my life, soaking into me and my surroundings. I think of this rain as supply from source – abundance flowing into my world. Sometimes I spontaneously see the flow coming out of me – flowing out into the world. I love that!
  2. I read a principle aloud with the intention of leaning in on the idea as a truth – or at least as a possible truth.
  3. I reflect/meditate on the principle for a few minutes. I notice any resistance I have to the statement. I feel the tug and push of my intention to consider the statement true versus my own thought arguments against it. Some days there is a LOT of resistance – other days I only feel ‘Yes!’.
  4. I journal. Sometimes I’m writing a lot of words, other times I’m jotting down bulleted sentence fragments.
  5. If I’m sharing accountability with someone else, I send them a few thoughts – or ask them a question.

Would You Like To Practice This With Me?

The 10 Principles of Abundance are an invitation to practice changing your perspective and see where the ideas take you.  They have been a positive in my life and it excites me to think of even one more person deciding to give it a go.

Accompanying others on the journey has been a pleasure and I crave more – so I designed a coaching offer.

40 Day Abundance CoachingI’m offering to accompany you on a 40 day practice, providing you with support and encouragement.

How it works is simple.

We connect via the Voxer app on our smart phones.  (This is entirely private.)

Every day you follow the simple steps of visualization, reading, reflecting and journaling.

Then, pick up your phone to let me know you’re done and share anything you’d like.

Ask me questions. Tell me the words challenged you. Share an insight. There’s no right or wrong way to experience the practice and definitely no right or wrong way to engage with me. Trust me when I say, I love every part of it!

My offer includes two private one on one calls/zoom sessions.

Before we begin the 40 days, we’ll have a one on one call and get to know each other a bit. I’m interested in knowing what your hopes are for the experience.  When the 40 days are complete, we’ll have an afterglow call to celebrate our favorite insights.

If this offer gives you tingles, please GO FOR IT by clicking here to register. (Sorry, this offer is not open at the moment!)

Leaning into Abundance is not all about money.  It is about supporting our lives – providing us with all we need to live out the gift of our life.  It’s about needs being met and dreams becoming reality. It’s about love, relationships and expressing our unique creativity.

This has dramatic impact on our lives as entrepreneurs. We all benefit when we learn to trust our own creativity and focus on creating more of what we want to see in the world.